H.S. Yearbooks: 1968-69 to 1971-72


Revived Citizens Party chairman, Clifford Mark Greene, went to the same Indiana high school, which began in  a new building his freshman year, for all of his four high school years.  The new school democratically voted for its nickname, the Cavaliers, that first '68-'69 season.  Mark was among those who voted for that name among 3 to 5 options.  The links to the yearbooks are further below.  The 1972 yearbook from this link appears to be, unfortunately, truncated from the original book for some reason, as seniors with the surname initials O to Z are missing, and possibly some N's as well.  The 1972 graduation ceremony pictures, assuming they are in that yearbook, are missing, too.  

Mark's class pictures are in all 4 yearbooks; the only other picture of Mark in these yearbooks appears to be the 1969 baseball team group photo.   Not 100% sure if Mark is shown in some incidental photo(s) elsewhere in the 4 yearbooks, such as the missing graduation pictures, but he either doesn't believe so or realize it.  Regarding the '72 yearbook, Mark never saw it or a replica of it until he discovered this website in circa 2019.

Went to School Library During Lunch Recess Practically Every Single Time in Every Single H.S. Season

Me, no extrovert, associated with a handful of students at best.  No sports acclaim or anything, so I pretty much blended in with the school walls.  Living about 8 miles away from the rural Indiana school made extra-curricular activities difficult at best, and pretty much non-existent at worst.

The misconceptions about rural American life by some non-rural folks are legion, but these few yearbooks might dispel some of them.  To this day, I consider myself lucky to have experienced both the big city and rural life, 11 years the former, and 7 years the latter, during my early, formative years.     

-- C. Mark Greene

Yearbook Links:

Freshman:  1968 - 1969 

Sophomore:  1969 - 1970

Junior:  1970 -1971

Senior:  1971 - 1972