Youth Corps

Everybody knows that the young and the elderly are my base of support, and it was no accident that I received around 105,000 votes (19%) for county-wide Director of Elections [2019] and about 5500 votes (35%) for Mayor of Federal Way [2021]. Those percentages would have been significantly lower without my youth & elderly base. Naturally, my base is my biggest advantage in the elections this year, as I believe the youth, indoctrinated in the schools as they are, are beginning to become aware of that fact, and are fighting mightily to throw off the yoke of leftist dogma surrounding them.

They are turning to the elderly, as well as reliable books, for the facts about the America that was bequeathed to them by birthright, but facts that are now being twisted by leftists who are trying to have a slow-motion revolutionary overthrow of America, complete with their distorted, revised history that denigrates American heroes and lore, and an open borders agenda that all but openly admits to trying to replace American traditions/heirs.

A lot of the youth aren’t buying the leftist propaganda anymore, and they are helping conservatives like me in elections.

I am presently forming a voluntary adult Youth Corps to help me win this year’s election for Congress, as they will have their own special status in the general volunteer ranks. They will help the campaign with door-to-door leafleting, phone bank operations, petitioning and getting out the vote drives. The Youth Corps will have two parts: The “Friends of the Generation” part and the “Rank-and-File Youth” part. Volunteers will be placed in one or the other with consideration given to their preference, but “Friends of the Generation” is limited to a select few, due to a more specified job field with different applicant criteria. A special “Youth Corps” page will eventually be put up on this website, but feel free to volunteer today (see “contact” page for our, meaning committee’s, email address). Youths should be anywhere from eighteen to twenty-eight. Prospective volunteers older than twenty-eight can join General Volunteers.

P.S. Former posts “Unbeholden” and “Basler’s Facebook Site” have been revised (a section-or-two, or a phrase, taken out or re-worded).