You Couldn’t Make This Up In a Novel

Idiotic Roegner, of “Empire” newspaper, actually wrote, in his latest column, that Kent, Washington had the only serious mayoral contest this year, but perhaps he didn’t see all of the results…the challenger there only got 31%, I received 35% in Federal Way. Not to mention that Roegner, apparently, pretty much dismissed the biggest Northwest city’s mayoral election as well…you know that city that has “the bluest skies you’ve ever seen”…which also happens to be in King County. I think “Empire’s” clown card is just in a snit because his leftists didn’t do as well in the elections as he had hoped. Even a novelist wouldn’t invent a newspaper columnist this devoid of basic common knowledge and sense.

Roegnermatics: Roegner said that the three newly elected Federal Way councilmembers could be a majority on the 7-member Council…huh? How is 3 a majority of 7? Roegner might want to consider taking some remedial arithmetic classes; brush up on that 2 + 2 and other second grade stuff.