Voters Choose the Nominees, Not Organizations

There seems to be an effort by the R.I.N.O. organizations, regarding the 30th District representative races, to line up their favorite candidates for the General Election, and, effectively, bypass the Primary by not being neutral, just as they were not neutral in 2020. They are appearing to favor and/or have settled on Ashli Raye Tagoai for Pos. 2, and the police commander that I discussed in “A Cop on the Beat and In the Race” for Pos. 1. If this was not planned, it’s a little strange that the commander would choose, out of two positions, to run against me, the leading supporter of police in last year’s Federal Way mayoral race. Why not Pos. 2? Republican State Chair, Heimlich, was busy promoting Tagoai, recently, so, this looks like it was all aligned by R.I.N.O. organizations, with a caveat of this overall theory being speculative.

I’m a firm believer that party organizations should stay neutral in primaries, and treat all candidates within their own party fairly. That didn’t happen in 2020 in the 30th District, they just chose sides, and it looks like that’s what they are going to do, again. Other organizations even gave candidates $5000 before the Primary (one of them, Martin Moore, ended up siding with the more liberal side in last year’s Federal Way General Election races). The temptation for party chairs to be kingmakers is too great, apparently. After all, the party is going to have to be united after the Primary. Even in this widely expected GOP wave year, Republicans are probably going to need, at least, 90% unity within their own ranks after the Primary, and that means being united.

This is a little off-topic, but I can’t believe the Biden regime is just letting the entire world dump their poor, crazies and criminals in the U.S. en masse, it’ll be tens of millions just in Biden’s term at the rate it’s going, and the lieutenant governor of Texas said that 20% of the entire population of the United States could be here illegally by the end of Biden’s term. Anybody with any common sense knows that this is not going to turn out good for our nation. It’s time for the border states to declare this an invasion, which gives them broader powers to counteract Biden’s dereliction of duty under the Constitution.

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