Universal Income Under Another Name

In the old days, Americans had to wait until they were, at least, 62 years old (or whatever the minimum Social Security age was at the time) before they could get even a partial, lifetime monthly government check for retirement, which they rightly earned and paid into (not necessarily including workers’ pensions that have separate systems and different age requirements). Today, you have to be at or around 66 years old before you can get a full Social Security payment, ordinarily. Now, the Biden government has come up with something called “‘long covid’ disability,” which suspiciously sounds like another name for the socialistic “universal guaranteed income,” a.k.a., welfare for everybody.

These days, who doesn’t have the virus? It sounds like once you get it, it’s always long or forever, however mild it may or may not be. Half the country may have escaped the virus, but that could be the best case scenario, thereby, multitudes could be eligible for a lifetime government check according to “Biden – Harris.”

At first glance, what they call “long covid” sounds inclusive of relatively mild, long-term symptoms that may be hard to detect by medical professionals, and with lifetime checks being offered by the government, if this actually goes through, it would be just a matter of time before tens of millions of people suddenly have “long covid.”

People that actually do have serious, long-term conditions because of covid should get government help for as long as they need it, but open-ended disability for people who just don’t want to work, or work too hard, is another story altogether. The last thing the Biden – Harris government should be doing is offering more incentives for people not to work, which, unfortunately, is something this particular government specializes in.

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