Adam Smith probably goes over a check list before he takes a vote in Congress to make sure that he does not upset any of his many corporate & ultra-rich donors. This guy is the typical rascal politician, rolling in cash, barely paying attention to his constituents, and doing the bidding of his donors. Just so I’m clear, I have nothing against corporations or the ultra-rich, necessarily, but when a politician is more worried about pleasing them than the overall wishes of his constituents, then that’s a problem for constituents in general, and the 9th District in particular.

As the 9th District’s next congressman, I will make sure that our Defense Industry can provide for the total defense of the United States of America, and that we remain the most powerful defense establishment in the entire world, bar none. I will make sure that we have a plan of “defend and counter-attack” in case any hostile country is suicidal and crazy enough to dare make a sneak attack on us, including a plan to have a secondary and beyond political-and-military command outside of Washington, D.C. that will be able to respond immediately and decisively in case of a sneak attack.

We need to, at least, quadruple the number of submarines that can carry nuclear weapons, maybe increase them by tenfold or a hundredfold if necessary. We need to at least double the size of the Navy. Adam Smith has no plan. The weak, feckless representative is probably sitting in his office daydreaming and hoping that hostile countries will be nice to us, but anybody with common sense knows that they have no intention of being nice and already are making crazy threats against us. We need to be “locked and loaded” in the broadest sense possible. Smith is beholden to his “friends” (mentioned in the first sentence) and his “Alice In Wonderland” daydreams. I am beholden to no one.

P.S. There’s very little blogging on the alternate site, recently, as this particular one is quicker and easier to operate when it works correctly (which is touch-and-go, to put it nicely), and I like that I can get viewership numbers on the spot. Also, “Google,” for some reason, is not posting the other website on the first page under the search phrase, “Mark Greene for Congress.” “Google,” in general, gives more play to challenger Stephanie Gallardo than either myself or Doug Basler…the usual liberal/leftist favoritism by major media.

P.P.S. There was a change in a phrase on the previous post, “Basler’s Facebook Site,” which is now worded as follows: (“statesman” may have to wait a couple of cycles or more, or until somebody reaches the age of this elder statesman/blogger, which is 68, if they haven’t already).

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It will be nearly “Mission Impossible” for me to get on the ballot without contributions, but never bet against me getting on the ballot. Donate today…thank you!