Tribute To Federal Way Women, Generally

The All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee pays true and full respect and tribute to the women of Federal Way. You, who are the carriers of life. You, who have faithfully lifted up our city to the honor of being one of the most recognized in the State of Washington, and even on the radar nationally, on occasion, with Olympic-quality swimming. You, who work at virtually every occupation, including housewife, to ensure that the wheels of civilization roll on to every memorable year, every passing decade, and every succeeding generation. You, who bring the joy of life in countless different ways. Finally, a special thank you to the athletic and swimming class of women and girls, who have brought notice to Federal Way across the United States, compliments of those who actually compete, and our city’s appreciation of sports, including being the permanent host of the King County/Federal Way Aquatic Center.

The Mark Greene For Mayor campaign thanks you all.