(Most of) Seattle’s Congressional representative, Pramila Jayapal, actually showed up on TV and implied that the totalitarianesque major social media companies weren’t doing enough censoring, by a mile, she implied. So Seattle’s leftist congresswoman apparently thinks that only her kind of views (illiberal as they may be) are good enough for public airing…and with her latest UnAmerican, not-in-the-spirit-of-the-Constitution viewpoint, she doesn’t even have an opponent, yet; last I checked. As a leading spokeswoman for the Left, Jayapal is on national TV a lot. Somebody could be getting a lot of campaign contributions running against a totalitarianesque candidate.

Me, I’m not going to have as easy of a time funding my campaign, because Adam Smith pretends to be a moderate and, pretty much, stays off of TV anyway (except for C-Span), but there’s a lot of opportunity for fundraising in the 7th District (the district that Jayapal represents) for a Republican or even a “liberal” Democrat.