Totalitarian Tech

Today, Facebook suspended me for, literally, no reason, to my knowledge. They used the old “violated community standards” excuse, but all I did, most recently, was post my website listing, or URL (I think they call it). Facebook knows very well that I cannot even go through their “review” hoops, if I wanted to, because they demand a cell phone, which I have never owned, and refuse to own one. More likely, notwithstanding their “community standards” malarkey, they just don’t like my uncompromising conservative viewpoints, but, of course, I can live without Facebook and Twitter, even though their suspensions are, basically, election interference since I’ve been a candidate for Mayor of Federal Way, off and on, since New Year’s Day. Their suspensions of my election accounts, since they are for no logical or good reasons, should be against the law.

Ron DeSantis, the great governor of Florida, is one of the few politicians, today, that is trying to do something about the social media and general tech political discrimination, and I applaud his efforts in Florida to shape legislation to hold these totalitarian-oriented technology companies accountable for unwarranted gamesmanship regarding elections, as well as general political bias. DeSantis, right now, is a leading contender in the unofficial ’24 presidential sweepstakes, though it’s so early. Hopefully, his strong leadership in Florida on this and other issues will rub off on the other states.

P.S. (several hours later): Still surprised that Facebook shut me down. They put my page back up, publicly, but I’m not allowed to have any input on it anymore…couldn’t even delete it if I wanted to. They threatened to shut my account down in 30 days unless I go through their review, but as I explained, above, they put a cell phone qualifier on there to do that, which, of course, you can’t do if you don’t own a cell phone (I didn’t need a cell phone to open the account). So now, we have a situation where my opponent for Mayor of Federal Way, Jim Ferrell, has $60,000 more than me for the campaign, to date (thanks to his very well-to-do and probably outright rich supporters), and now the powers-that-be won’t even let me have a workable Facebook account.

Now, that it’s public at this time, anyone can go on there and see my page, so maybe someone can tell me what, conceivably, could be against Facebook’s “community standards.” I doubt anything rational. We, Americans, shouldn’t allow Big Tech to put their thumb on our elections as much as they do, and we, in and out of Florida, should be supporting Ron DeSantis’ effort to have a little balance in political thought on social media mechanisms, especially when it comes to elections.

P.P.S. This is all the more surprising since I’m one of those customers/clients that actually spends a little money with them and, also, responds to some of their other clients’ advertisements…hmm…so you know it’s political if they’re willing to lose money over my page(s) and other conservatives’ sites/pages.

My suspended Facebook page: