“Thin-Skinned” Is Not a Good Fit For Politics

If there is one rule of politics, it’s that politicians are fair game to be criticized, even a little irreverently. Why anybody thinks that they can get into the game of elective politics, and think that they are immune to criticism, is beyond me. You probably should have a thick skin if you’re going to be a politician. If I’m running against another politician, and, by the way, anybody that announces to run for office or puts their name on the ballot is a politician, whether or not they play that cute “I’m not a politician” card, I’m not shy about pointing out differences of views or differences of philosophy. I have even been shunned by other politicians, believe it or not, which is perfectly their right nonetheless, because of this free-wheeling belief of mine regarding politicians being fair game for debate or criticism. At least, I think the general public agrees with me on this point, which is good company if you’re trying to win the vote.

[This post was first published on Facebook on April 20, 2022.]

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