The Snoopy Act

(UPDATED: 1/20/22, see P.P.S. at bottom)

I communicated with the Secretary of State’s Office today about my Animal Welfare (Dogs & Cats) Natural Life Act Initiative, and I expect that to be on their website by Friday, but hopefully tomorrow. It may be a week-or-so before they assign the Initiative a number, and just doing a count of Initiatives already reviewed, it looks like the number will be somewhere in the one thousand eight hundred seventies (eighteen seventies). I will design a petition sheet when I get all the necessary information, and hope to start collecting signatures around Presidents’ Day (which should be called George Washington Day).

That date may be a little optimistic, because I really don’t know how fast they get ballot titles out these days. Nonetheless, this Initiative will be on par with my Congressional campaign, as one will scratch the other’s back (meaning some name identification for me from both campaigns), but absolutely no commingling of funds, of course. I expect to get a lot of votes from dog and cat owners in the Primary, as this Initiative will safeguard Washington State dogs and cats, not the least of all, beagles, from the likes of Dr. “Strangelove” Fauci and his minions. I wanted to officially call this the “Help Snoopy Act,” or the “Snoopy Act,” however, I was worried that using a cartoon figure in the name would sound frivolous and people wouldn’t take it seriously, so I’ll settle for those names just being the unofficial names.

P.S. Please check back for an update on this post in a day or two, and I’ll let readers know if this Initiative actually made it to the Secretary of State’s website by then. When it does get on his office’s site, I think folks will be able to read the rough draft of the Act’s 14 clauses before the Code Reviser puts it into official, legal language. If you would like to volunteer for this Initiative, please contact us via the info on the “Contact/Donate/Volunteer” page. There’ll be a separate Initiative website, soon.

P.P.S. (Update, 1/20/22): The “Snoopy Act” is now on the Secretary of State’s website as of January 20th, 2022.

The rough draft can be seen here: Secretary of State’s website. The new Snoopy Act website can be seen here.