The Open Plot To Redraw America

I’ve never seen anything this in-your-face corrupt in politics in all my life, as the Biden regime, in sneering, open violation of our immigration laws (and not a lot of push-back from Republicans), is openly letting multitudes of foreigners just come into our country, walking across the border or overstaying their welcome (temporary visas), no questions asked and no turning around, for the most part, not to mention enabling them with transportation, housing and money. At this point, it’s millions of illegal aliens just since the Biden regime came to power on January 20, 2021, on top of the already probable tens of millions of illegals that were already here, and they seem perfectly willing to expand that by tens of millions of foreigners in a single 4 year term, in which illegal aliens would make up an astounding 10% to 15% of all the people in America, and foreigners in general, about 25%.

A brazen, open plot by the radical left to internationalize and reorder America’s demographics, overturn the 250-year-old American culture, including a gradual upending of national sovereignty, and redrawing the overall culture of America to something similar to south of the Rio Grande River, but with a marked international flair. This would be, effectively, the end of America, but McConnell, McCarthy & Co. can’t take this at least as seriously as Democrats potentially ending the filibuster in the Senate? Republicans, if they take the power of the Congress in 2023, and we seem to be on the verge of doing just that, need to correct course with lots of laws, lots of border walls, and lots of new government personnel to take charge of implementing the laws, which were drawn to protect American sovereignty, the integrity of our borders & culture, and limit immigration, to the fullest extent possible.

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