The Cable TV Host and the Reality of a Republic

Tucker Carlson is a good cable TV host (I’ve always liked him), but he seems slightly on the self-righteous side and likes to belittle politicians in general a lot. Considering the people that have been getting elected in the United States, lately, that’s understandable…to a degree.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to have what’s called a country, states, counties, cities and so forth…and maybe not some globalist land mass run by Big Tech oligarchs (though, admittedly, we’re almost there because of the pathetic quality of politicians we have), guess what the people who run the mechanics of the republic are called…politicians. So maybe Carlson should stick to criticizing particular politicians instead of belittling the overall profession, because representative government is all about electing decent politicians to run it, and that’s a lot better than oligarchy or anarchy.

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