Stubbornness vs. Dollars

(UPDATED: 4:37 PM) I’m going to have to file my financial report before January, 2022 is done for, and it’s not going to be great, to put it nicely, because I have no contributions other than mine for the Autumn period, nor none to date, but that’s okay because anybody who knows me knows that I’ll carry on stubbornly despite setbacks, and once I set my mind to a goal, I recall the fable of Aesop entitled the “North Wind and the Sun,” as the determined walker kept his coat on thanks to the benefit of the Sun, and in this campaign, I am that walker (and my supporters are the Sun). I will be as energetic as I need to be to win this election, though first I must make the ballot, but my expendable money is flat, so I’m going to need $1 and $2 contributions from my supporters to reach that goal, and the next step goal of being the first new Republican nominee in the 9th District since 2012…10 years. I promise you that I will never quit as the only “Save America” candidate in the 9th District. Loathsome columnists, chastising hecklers (which I had to deal with by ignoring them in the mayoral campaign) and smug, opposing political machines…all of that is practically fuel for me, as I carry on with my own self-determination and my great supporters. Stubbornness vs. dollars? I’ll take stubbornness every time…but that doesn’t mean I can’t use dollars as well.

Contribution link…thank you.