Staying In the 9th

After the mix-up in districts that I wrote about in the previous post, I was seriously considering switching for a moment, but that would be unwise in a number of ways, starting with it being unlikely that the Washington Supreme Court would put any part of Federal Way in the 8th District, and my preference is not to run in a district that I don’t live in, even though “cross districts” are allowable under the Constitution. Also, there are three big guns (Dunn, Jensen and Larkin) challenging the incumbent Leftist in the 8th District, each of whom are likely to raise a half-a-ton of money or more, along with their well-known or fairly well-known name recognition; it would take a miracle for me to get by all of them in that Primary. Moreover, the 8th District is huge, territory-wise, with lots of towns that I’m not familiar with, and will likely continue to be that big after redistricting. I don’t have the money to travel the length and breadth of the 8th. I will be on the phone Monday morning trying to get this mix-up straightened out, and my name put in the 9th District, exactly as it was designated on my statement of organization.