Sacred Cows Don’t Run For Office

With some of the commentary on the Federal Way Mirror’s “Facebook” page (and a few on my FB campaign page), reacting to my tongue-in-cheek comment on the Mirror’s “Casey Jones Press Release” notice, you would think I had affronted a “sacred cow” with my mild comment, poking a little fun at a freshman politician. However, I don’t have to apologize, curtsy, bow or skulk away because a policeman-and-politician gets in the race. Yes, he’s a policeman, and I respect that, but I’m an ex-Marine, and served during a time of war (Viet Nam). Although I wasn’t over there, we all (servicemen and servicewomen) faced the possibility of being sent over there. We all faced danger. This is still a free country, after all, Miss/Mrs. Taylor is in the race, Mr. Jones is in the race, Mr. McDaniel is in the race, and I’m in the race (2nd to enter for Washington state representative, position 1, from the 30th district)…there may be more, who knows? May the best man or woman win.