Roegner & Leftist Partisans’ Sleazy Charter Proposal

Federal Way Mirror hack, Bob Roegner, wants King County residents to pass an essentially “all elections in even-numbered years” measure (King County Charter Amendment) for ignominious reasons, to put it nicely, but it would essentially let partisans continue their ongoing program to mold elections EXACTLY to their highly partisan tastes…very totalitarian-like. Their apparent goal: fix things so that they will never lose an election again…Stalinesque.

Why even numbered years instead of having the more localized elections in odd numbered years? Apparently because the Radical King County Council and Roegner think that the so-called more diverse community doesn’t like voting in odd numbered years or aren’t smart enough to figure out that there is voting in odd numbered years, or just plain don’t like voting in odd numbered years.  It’s gibberish and trivial.  

If people don’t think it’s important to vote in all elections, no matter what year it is, that’s their choice, and the state or the county shouldn’t be reworking election dates and years to try and fashion a partisan advantage for their side based on the voting habits of their preferred constituency, no more than they should not have done that, in different ways, for other partisan-oriented measures that they have proffered up, shamelessly, in the past.  But give con artists a taste of success, and they can’t stop pouring out the sleaze…naturally.

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