Roegner and Two “Wishful Thinking” ‘Girlfriends’

Bob Roegner is an aging leftist hack, aging & apparently quite lonely, who likes to favorably skew his columns in the direction of the candidates he would prefer to win or place, and he has long had a “love affair” (using that term euphemistically) with candidate Kristine Reeves, the ex-legislator and radical leftist candidate who QUIT in the middle of her second term, not all that long ago. Roegner’s “old hat” of predicting who is going to finish where, and then writing his columns to help maneuver his predictions exactly as he predicted, is shameless “journalism.”

In the same column, Roegner displayed that he has a second choice “girlfriend” as well, candidate Ashli Tagoai (favorite of RINOs), as he couldn’t stop the flattery with just Reeves.

Poor guy, I almost feel a little sorry for him.