RINOs On the March

Now, that the coming Red Wave (Republicans returning to office triumphantly) is widely expected after the November elections, the RINOs that control the Washington [state] GOP apparatus want real Republican candidates like me (those of us that have done the grunt work for years) to be shunted aside so that they can replace us with sycophants or would-be ones, and then they can neatly work with their Democratic colleagues, and end up crafting liberal-tilted legislation. However, I’m a conservative, and if elected to the Legislature, I wouldn’t negotiate anything that even slightly betrays our core values. RINOs on the march are not going to sway the voters who supported me in the past with newcomers that they can control like puppets. Unfortunately, we have to fend off the RINOs first (in the Aug. Primary), and then we can get to debating and defeating the Radical Left that controls the Capitol.