RINOs Bring Out Goliath

The “best and the brightest” in the 30th District and/or state R.I.N.O. Establishment lined up the police commander against me in the Primary, because they’re thinking, “This ‘pushover’ will fall like a domino, we have Goliath, and it doesn’t hurt that Roegner calls him (me) ‘perennial’ every chance he gets.” Well, I wouldn’t be so overconfident if I were them, I have an “ace in the hole” that I’ve had all my life, and it’s called hard work. When this is over with, they’re going to be sorry that they didn’t put Goliath in Position 2. I’m pumped up, now, at least if they would have had the good sense to put the (R) lady in Position 1, I would have had to be all gentlemanly and stuff, to a degree, which I’ll have to be anyway, later on, going against a (D) lady in the General Election. But going against Goliath, this is pure, raw politics. I’m even warming up to their placement of candidates, now, because I’ll be a lot more energetic going against Goliath rather than a lady.

I think a “Tagoai vs. Greene” match-up for Pos. 1 would have brought about a ho-hum, lackadaisical atmosphere in which Miss/Mrs. Tagoai would have had the advantage of me kind of holding back, since I don’t like going against ladies in politics, and I would have had to be so gentlemanly. As for Miss/Mrs. Taylor, I’m not even focusing on her at the moment, because I’ll have to get by Goliath first. It’s going to be hard getting through this bruiser and then having to go against a lady in the General Election, but I’m all worked up for the August Primary, and I’ll be ready for the November General Election when the time comes. Right now, it’s Ex-Marine vs. Police Commander, let the games begin!

P.S. I was the strongest supporter of police in last year’s Federal Way, Washington mayoral election, even though I was the runner-up.

P.P.S. “The Generation at Ringside” Cheerleaders page is updated for “Mark (‘Friend’) vs. Jones (‘Goliath’).” Get your tickets, now.