RINO Reagan Dunn’s Sleazy Database Proposal

In an overall primary season in Washington state that didn’t have a lot of nice outcomes, one of the nicer outcomes was that Reagan Dunn did not make it to the General Election for Congress, and it’s Matt Larkin challenging the incumbent instead (I preferred Jesse Jensen in the 8th Congressional District however, but Larkin is a lot better than Dunn). Reagan Dunn is back in his sinecure, the King County Council, where he can now go back to being chummy with leftists and caving-in to them and making all the RINO proposals he wants until his heart’s content, such as his latest, some kind of database to keep track of people who espouse unsavory ideas or something like that, which I thought was protected by the First Amendment. If it’s actual criminals that he’s worried about, to think that all this time I thought it was police departments that kept databases, and I still believe that’s the case and rightfully so. Dunn’s proposal is nothing but a politically correct exercise where anybody that doesn’t go along with the mob’s ideas, e.g., leftist think tanks, might one day find their name on a government database just because you may be a contrarian to, say, radical leftist ideas. For instance, certain words that are authentically mundane, or even good or great, like nationalist, but have been twisted and distorted for political ends are sure to be among the constitutionally protected matters to end up on Dunn’s useless database if you espouse or promote them, if it becomes county law. Dunn is a feckless RINO who should also lose his sinecure in the next election in King County’s southeast 9th council district.

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