Republicans Need To Fire Senator Rick Scott

I barely paid attention to Senator Rick Scott’s so-called 11-point plan, or knew anything about the details, until I saw him on FOX news today. Scott, a politician from Florida, of all places (which has more old people per capita than most states), has been popping off about ending Social Security and Medicare, and taxing the poor. Scott happens to chair the unofficial Republican committee to elect Senatorial candidates. Republicans need to fire him, forthwith, for his outlandish proposals, which Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, called Scott’s crazy plans, in so many words, dead on arrival. Good for McConnell for rebuking Scott, but now he needs to fire Scott as chair of the unofficial committee, because Scott is about to ruin the best chance that Republicans have to take over the entire Congress in years. I’m almost sure that the Democrats are already preparing TV advertisements that outlines some of Scott’s proposals, which will, naturally, also let people know what his unofficial position is.

As a Republican candidate for State Representative or Congress in Washington, I am 180° opposite of Scott on his Social Security/Medicare stance (not saying, necessarily, that he doesn’t have some good proposals other than the aforementioned in his “plan”). I want to strengthen Social Security/Medicare, make sure that Social Security/Medicare funds/taxes are not used for other purposes besides what they are intended for (in other words, a Social Security lockbox and a separate Medicare lockbox, neither of them intermingled with each other, nor paying for other government services, programs or payrolls…period). I also want to lift the about $100,000 taxable income cap on Social Security to an open-ended tax on higher incomes, e.g., the millionaires and billionaires paying more for Social Security/Medicare than what they currently are, which isn’t much, and I want to make Social Security an integral part of the U.S. Constitution so that no loud-mouthed, pompous billionaire politician, like Scott, can casually talk about “sunsetting” (a fancy term for “ending”) these programs.

As for Rick Scott, fire him today, and any other politician that badmouths essential programs that allows people to get a little retirement pension that they paid into for years (for many, that’s all the money they have), see doctors, get medicines, and keeps tens of millions of people from homelessness. Most Republicans do not support this buffoon, even if we have to share our big tent political party with him.