Rallying Around One Republican Is the Key to Winning

In 2018, Republicans in the 9th District missed out on being in the General Election even though there was only one Republican, I believe, and two Democrats on the ballot. It looks like there will be at least three Democrats this time, including Amelia Paz, and two or three Republicans. Going by the 2018 history, we can’t afford to split up the Republican vote. I am the only Republican, presently, that’s well known and can give Adam Smith fits in the election, enough to beat him in the General. I think I’ll be able to get the bulk of Federal Way’s vote (coming fresh off of 35% of the vote in the mayoral campaign), and Newcastle, Mercer Island and Bellevue know me pretty good as well, from past campaigns. Splitting off the Republican vote will only ensure another 2018…that wouldn’t make sense.