I told you she was a RINO, but most of you Republicans voted for her anyway, speaking of my State Representative Primary Election opponent and now General Election candidate Ashli Tagoai, who on a Facebook post, said that Republicans don’t want to make abortion illegal, believe it or not…and implied that wanting to do so would be extremist. She finally made her position on abortion known, and it is pretty Democratic Party-like. I, on the other hand, and with the G.O.P., too, think abortion-on-demand is extreme and should be outlawed. The Republican Party, and rightfully so, has been running as the pro-life party for the last 49 years, and Ashli Tagoai is going to negate that? If she’s mostly right about Republican intentions rather than mostly wrong (probably right re. Washington state, but wrong nationally), then the party has been running on a campaign lie for the last 49 years and cynically using the issue just for votes and fundraising. Unfortunately, as implied above, she’s probably mostly right when it comes to the RINOs that make up a good portion of Washington state’s professional Republicans, but you get what you vote for (even in primaries). I don’t know if Tagoai ever called herself pro-life or campaigned for pro-life Republicans, but if any Republican refers to themself as pro-life, but has no intention to change the status quo through law, then they’re pretty much the same as “pro-choice” Democrats or “pro-choice” whatever.

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