R.I.N.O. Positioning?

The 30th District Republican Establishment in Washington could have spun this “bizarro” world, but I don’t know that for a fact. An officer is running against me instead of Pos. 2, even though I was the strongest supporter of police in last year’s Federal Way mayoral election. Which leads me to believe that certain R.I.N.O. organizations are the masterminds behind the placing of certain candidates in respective positions, but why they may have thought this pairing up, instead of vice-versa in relation to their Pos. 1 & 2 favorites/choices, was smart is beyond me, but so be it. Remember, I was the conservative candidate in the mayoral race.

I think the race for “Top 2” in the Primary, behind the incumbent (who probably won’t get a same-party challenger), will be close, so whoever gets 2nd is going to have to get almost all of the 3rd place finisher’s supporters to have a chance of winning in the General Election, but the “best and the brightest” set up the most divisive Primary they could think of…smart.

[This post was first published on Facebook on or around April 18, 2022.]