Power Grab: Small City Newspapers (Revised)

The unholy, little paper in Federal Way has been generally unfriendly to me (since 2015, when I was a top contender for Council); from a rogue, politically activist columnist who distorts and misleads about any politics regarding me, to the paper using some imagery of me that appears distorted in some way, if not actually so, to continuing insults of me, to not allowing candidates from the 2021 mayoral race, which I was the challenger, do a front page questionnaire like all the other top local races (they knew the very well bankrolled incumbent was not in need of that, of course), and to making the candidates mask up at the debates last year even while speaking (another thing that was more favorable to incumbents).

This makes politics more challenging for politicians in a small city who are not on the “good” side of the little leftist political cabal in their front office, which is why it’s a shame that newspapers, especially biased ones like in Federal Way, that invariably don’t have to worry about press competition in their own city (like the one in Federal Way), hold so much political power, especially in the smaller cities. The early 20th Century president, Teddy Roosevelt, in his day, faced the same problem on a larger scale, but he had the power of the presidency to get around them, which he successfully did. As for me, I’m between a rock and a hard place, I don’t get “special interest” money, like my opponent, Jamila Taylor, does, nor do my supporters have spare money to give to politicians, which would enable me to ignore them completely (like I would like to do), so the best I can do is give them short shrift, like they do to me, which basically means attending their little debates this year, but little else.