Pondering Twitter & Co.

I’ve said this before, but Big Tech is sleazier than all the raccoons in the world, and Twitter is among the sleaziest. Although these companies mostly have U.S. addresses, they are run by internationalists to a large extent, and as a result, have a lot of UnAmerican attitudes, to put it mildly, including the anti-America feelings of the home grown leftists and liberals within these companies. I am seriously considering stiff-arming (in other words, not going on the platform) of Twitter and some of the other well known companies, even though they can be very useful for political campaigns. Especially if your campaign happens to be in tune with their leftist views, which mine isn’t, of course. Writing off-the-cuff comments when something in the news gets me energetic may not be pragmatic politically anyway, so their bias against conservatives has a silver lining, at least. I believe a Patriotic Congress that will be elected, post-2022 election, is going to draw the line between legal chicanery and the First Amendment rights of the patrons of the commons (that the internet has become), and it’s going to be weighted a lot more towards the latter.