Open Borders vs. Spirit of ’76

The Biden regime is continuing to let foreigners pour into our country non-stop, by the millions, as their “Open Borders” policy is part and parcel of their overall plan to remake America into “Greater Venezuela,” socialist, 3rd world, and turning our predominate Anglo-American heritage inside out. Washington state, with all the radical leftist legislators in Olympia, with an assisting hand from R.I.N.O.s, is one of the leading states in incentivizing the destruction of the “Spirit of ’76” America through “Open Borders,” by all the benefits that they give to foreigners that illegally enter the United States, and unbelievably, generally, catering to them through a host of taxpayer-funded benefits by state and federal governments, including free smart phones for illegal border-crossers, $450,000 payments for some, and providing driver’s licenses that are just the same as American citizens’ licenses (which is a pathway to de facto legalization documents, in general, even though there may be no legalization at all), licenses without so much a distinction that they are foreign, and not only foreign, but illegal and foreign. We need to vote out both the leftists and the R.I.N.O.s. in Washington state, including U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, in the August Primary and the November General Election.