Open Borders, Totally Bonkers

On television, today, even a Democrat congressman (from Texas, I believe) implied that it was just a matter of time before the United States experiences another 9-11 type tragedy because of open borders. Yet, RINOs in Congress aren’t making that much of a fuss about open borders…only criticizing Biden’s crazy policy on the edges, it seems, but they need to be acting like this was the Maginot Line already sacked. Not only does the Biden – Harris government shrug their shoulders about the terrorist threat, but the policy belies the lie that “Biden – Harris” cares anything about “covid,” since open borders is obviously a “covid” spreader, and might be the main incubator for the continuing pandemic.

It’s a shame that only a handful of Republicans seem to be on board with impeaching Mayorkas. Republicans need to be raising Cain and putting this issue in the spotlight more…only a few representatives seem to get that, and hardly any senators. I want to make it clear, however, that open borders is a Democrat policy to flood the United States with as many foreigners as they can, and to eventually have natural born citizens become a minority in our own country…”globalist madness.” This policy has already had a detrimental effect to the pocketbooks and livelihood of American citizens, e.g., soaring housing costs.