Not Exactly the O.K. Corral

I saw the recent press release in the Federal Way Mirror, and “Wyatt Earp” is coming to save the day, apparently, but the real Wyatt Earp continued to battle outlaws for all of his career, and left politics to politicians instead of becoming one himself. I doubt if the legend of Wyatt Earp would even have persisted this long if Marshal Earp had become a politician rather than doing his job at the O.K. Corral (Earp dabbled in some other jobs, but never politics).

Meanwhile, Republicans who have been doing the opposition politics in King County and trying to save the political day for the last couple of decades, including this ex-Marine, may finally see our work flourish amidst the coming GOP wave, and we shouldn’t be shunted aside for flash-in-the-pans who suddenly decide they’re coming to save the day.

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