New Realities

It’s beginning to look like we’re short of volunteers for our 7 sector representative slots, so we’ll just postpone the start of the pamphleteer “sector walk-throughs” by a week every Monday until we’re fully staffed. This means that the July 25th Week commencement is now postponed to August 1st.

We’re also lowering the number of hours per week that volunteers should work from 3 to 2 (that’s just 2 hours per week…not day…week). With only 2 hours a week required, we’re eliminating any waivers; in other words, two hours a week or not (but your vote is more important than anything, anyway).

As the campaign stands now…continuing to put up signs, that along with my/our blogging, and my personal appearances (we still have plenty of signs). We’re still hoping to get all 7 sector representatives at some point in time, even if we have to wait until October to be fully staffed (if it takes that long, we’ll have to do the sectors in a “full court press,” so to speak, which might require some changes in hours and the number of volunteers needed per sector).

We (the committee) fully expect to meet our campaign goals with a little patience. Victory is ours!


For weeks, we have been saying "Eight Is Enough," but in a crunch, six is enough.  We can do without the influencer and combine the two lowest populated sectors, of the seven sectors, into one if we need to.  If you volunteer today or soon thereafter, you'll likely have your choice of sectors. As for the two lowest populated sectors, especially for houses, if we have to improvise, Commons and Dash seem to fit the bill (just a tad adjacent, like Utah and New Mexico...but it works); that would be a very huge and gerrymandered-looking single sector, if it comes to that, but probably has less houses combined than some of the other sectors alone.  Volunteers needed!

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