Despite the trouble opening one of the candidate programs, I did file the Statement of Organization, so my new committee is named All-American Platform Mark Greene, and it is presently on the F.E.C. listings. I am waiting for the other program to be filed before I open a GoFundMe account for my campaign…maybe (I’m not sure what they require as far as certification of a campaign is concerned). I’m a little surprised at how snarly the F.E.C. is, and the non-help in getting a program opened, but hopefully that will be resolved Monday. Time will tell.

Update (Dec. 11, ’21): Despite that my organization statement clearly marked 9th District, I found out, today, that they (F.E.C.) threw me in the 8th District, and this was obviously because candidates are assigned the same candidate ID number in perpetuity regardless of whether you’re in a new district or not, and the ID is only suppose to change if you are in a new state, I believe. I used to live in the 8th District (when Newcastle was also in the 8th) and filed a campaign organization in circa 2008 (I ended up not running for Congress that time), but this circumstance should hardly be unusual for the F.E.C., so it’s a little puzzling as to why it would cause this mix-up. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise and God is telling me I should run in the 8th.

P.S. The Alternative site, which was suppose to be the (Generation Jump-Start) Young Voters Support All-American Platform Mark Greene site, but is turning into a back-up general site when this one goes down, has different material and posts, please visit it when you have time. Thank you.