Miller Versus Tran

One more reason why I support Daniel Miller for Federal Way councilmember:

Hoang Tran, the pos. 4 incumbent, led people to believe that he was this big police supporter in 2017, but then turned around and supported Jesse Johnson for the Washington State Legislature last year, the same Johnson who voted for the “don’t pursue criminals too much” bill.

I don’t know this, but the bill that was passed and signed into law seems like something that the “soft-on-thugs” Johnson would sponsor, but Johnson voted it for it whether or not he sponsored it. This is the kind of legislator that Tran gave his full support to for his election/retainment.

Please vote for Daniel Miller for Council, Position 4…I doubt very seriously if Daniel Miller would have made the same mistake in judgement as Tran did in supporting “soft on crime” Johnson.