Maddening Senate Okays Human-Animal Hybrids

First, our country’s 1973 era Supreme Court legitimized abortion on demand, virtually regardless of the circumstances. Frankly, I was surprised when I learned, fairly recently, that the particular Court in that case was majority Republican-appointed (Republican politicians, in general, are not blameless for the large-scale abortion-on-demand legality and continuation, a lot of whom like to talk right, but actually do nothing about outlawing the abortion-on-demand practice).

Now, in recent weeks, largely Democratic Party U.S. senators have approved mad scientists taking aborted human embryos and mixing or combining them with whatever animal they want (mice, chimpanzees, etc.) to design/engineer a human-animal hybrid or so-called chimera. Nonetheless, that includes Republicans and Independents as well, depending on how many of them voted for the overall so-called tech bill that passed just today, I believe.

Mad scientists are also conducting other kinds of experiments with embryos and fetuses, and the human life being tinkered with is not necessarily deceased. Of course, all of it abominable and a crime against God, if not a statutory crime anywhere in the United States. If elected mayor, I’ll push for Federal Way to outlaw all of it through ordinances.