“Let the Poor Little Rubes Suffer”

Fox news contributor, Miss Tammy Bruce, put it excellently and succinctly on the most recent “The Next Revolution” program, as she summed up how the Biden government/regime thinks about a huge segment of American citizens, paraphrasing: “Let the poor little rubes suffer,” and it immediately reminded me of how the regime’s Open Borders policy affects increased competition for jobs, aggravates the housing market with rising rents and general costs, as well as availability of housing in general; rising crime, foreign agents who mean America no good blending in with the population and planning God only knows what (they’ve already caught scores from some kind of terrorist watch list), increasingly crowded public primary schools and hospital emergency rooms, a lot more dangerous drugs in the illegal market, and lastly, within a generation or two, if Open Borders remains unchecked, a probable rise in population rivaling that of heavily populated India’s, only second in the world to China. Of course, all of this affects America’s lower income class negatively, disproportionately, but “let the poor little rubes suffer” as far as the Biden regime is concerned.