Took a peek at some campaign websites, today, but to give everybody an idea of the political contortionism going on, here’s who’s running for what: Lydia Assefa Dawson vs. Pete von Reichbauer for King County District 7 Council and (me) Mark Greene vs. Jim Ferrell for Mayor of Federal Way.

I’m not endorsing anybody in Council 7 (which includes areas beyond Federal Way, by the way), but according to von Reichbauer’s website: Ferrell is endorsing von Reichbauer for Council. According to Ferrell’s website: von Reichbauer and Assefa Dawson are endorsing Ferrell for Mayor (hee hee hee). Alanis Morissette could write another hit song about “irony,” and this time have a line in there about F.W. politics.

P.S. (added 2021-04-30)

Well, it’s kind of obvious, in my opinion, with the awkward endorsements for von Reichbauer and Ferrell, for Council 7 and Mayor of Federal Way, respectively, that three of the four overall candidates, including Lydia Assefa Dawson, almost look like a trio. Assefa Dawson backing somebody (Ferrell) that is, presumably, not supporting her candidacy (Ferrell is supporting von Reichbauer), may mean that nobody, among the three, is really opposing anybody with these triangulated endorsements. Assefa Dawson’s candidacy looks especially offbeat, putting it nicely.