Independence & First Amendment

The social media giants learned that I do not yield to the penalty of being denied on their “free” platforms…in order to conform to their ethos, which is increasingly totalitarian and conformist. They sure followed my writing like a hawk, though, so I’m sure they read about Christian values, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is that one aspect of so-called vaccine hesitancy might be because some people don’t want any part of the abortion business, and that includes any utilitarian benefit, even if life-saving, given to them through the use of aborted fetus cells that three of the initially marketed U.S. anti-covid vaccines have come from, I believe (less sure about the fourth or fifth that may also be marketed, to date).

That’s why my “mayoral initiatives” includes a proposed ordinance in which at least one city in the United States will take a stand against using aborted fetuses for medicinal production (emphasis on the word “production,” which means the making of), and really, that should be expanded to any scientific experimentation whatsoever, or use, other than proper memorialization of the deceased.

We all have freedom of thought, thank God, that’s what the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is about, after all.

Incidentally, I think they’re going to nickname me “Perennial” in the Mirror for the rest of the campaign…please read the late, great author Gore Vidal’s “Empire” (historical novel) when you get a chance, it is amply about newspapers at the Turn of the 20th Century…it hasn’t changed a lot since then.

P.S. For those that can’t read particularly well, I’m not trying to ban vaccines that have been approved and marketed, only alter how the ones that come from unethical processes are made in the future.

P.P.S. This looks like a Canadian provincial government website (B.C.), and they’re implying that the AstraZeneca vaccine (which I believe is or would be the 4th marketed anti-covid vaccine in the U.S.) comes from aborted fetus cell lines. However, regarding the previously approved mRNA vaccines (2 of the initial 3 vaccines approved in the U.S.), they’re saying they don’t, which conflicts with previous research I’ve done, so I’m skeptical about this latter point of the B.C. government statement.