Something funny has been going on with my computer for the past 2-weeks-or-so, it’s not particularly subtle, and, somehow, I doubt if it’s by private hackers (although private hackers may have been responsible for this website being hacked months ago, but that was just this website, not the overall computer).

I’m really not sure where this is coming from, it could be from a foreign country for all I know. If this is U.S. govt. interference in an official U.S. Congress campaign, not to mention slowing it down significantly, my state’s U.S. senators and my district’s U.S. representative should be looking into this, especially since I have done nothing to warrant this. All of those officials would be from the same party, so I may ask Rep. McMorris-Rodgers to look into this as well.

Note: Please help this Republican campaign by forwarding this post, if applicable, to your Republican senator(s) and/or Republican representative in Congress, regardless of whether you live in Washington state or not. Thanks.


In other readings, not just of Devine’s interesting article, it sounds like just run-of-the-mill political opposition to the Biden regime, conflated with actual serious threats, is ripe for targeting by A.G. Merrick Garland’s newly announced special domestic unit(s). If my relatively tame writing warrants a special look by Garland’s “special unit,” not to mention their “special look” at innocent parents at school board meetings, then our republic is in trouble.