Gaining Momentum

We're sensing the buzz about the Mark Greene For Mayor campaign in Federal Way, as people all over the city want a mayor who will act on our patriotic, traditional common sense and pragmatist rectitudes in all manner of areas.  

Mark Greene, if elected, will commence a "judge by the content of our character" mayoralty, where a few city functions may be out of tune with that, but would be refashioned to economic, arts or conservationist initiatives & programs, in which manning these jobs would be based on civic background, experience and skills.

Post-script (7/13/21): After we posted this short essay, we had the biggest jump in website page views for a calendar day to date, two hundred three, which aligns well with the topic.  

We don't often have more or much more than 24 hours between posts, but taking a little break after this one.

(7/14/21, 5:47 P.M.) Mark is working on a new essay, and it should be posted within 60 minutes.