Filed For State Rep. (Updated)

I filed the Committee Registration statement for Washington State Representative, District 30, Position 1, today (I have until April 1st to file the PFA). I’m still running for Congress, of course, but this is a “standby” in case my Congressional Campaign committee comes up short of signatures needed for that position. I decided that my signs will go up early this year, but no earlier than the official first day of spring (whether the first one will go up before April 1st or not, I haven’t decided, yet). My signs say “Representative,” so they can stand for either U.S. Representative or State Representative, and right now, they’ll be ambiguous, pretty much, until I file for one or the other with the County or the State. The signs will go up in both the 9th District (Congress) and 30th District (Legislature); however, those districts combine together in many instances in large swaths of territory. Signs will go up gradually, with larger tranches the later the date in the calendar. Sign thieves & vandals are always a problem, please call the local police if you see any illegality against signs of mine…thanks.

Update (3/27/22): I filed my PFA, yesterday, so I am up to date with all my filing requirements for Washington State Representative.