Fidelistas In the Statehouse

The crazy Washington Legislature is actually drafting a law, apparently at the behest of Governor Jay Inslee, that would straitjacket their own First Amendment rights, which, of course, they can’t really do, because it not only would affect themselves, but other politicians, and, more importantly, it’s against the United States Constitution. Apparently, politicians in Washington State won’t be allowed to criticize election results no matter how much criminality, mischief or shenanigans may come in to play or were in play and, thereby, would result or may have resulted in those election results. The response to Inslee by the Republican State House leader, at first glance, was tame, to put it nicely.

We’re allowed (politicians included), under the First Amendment, to criticize and complain about anything we want to or anyone. Trying to control speech with the threat of jail and/or fines is the kind of stuff that totalitarians do. We also have leftist/”liberal” totalitarians in Congress urging their friends at Twitter, Facebook, et al., to shut down speech they don’t like, and these Congress members are trying to make a power grab through federal control of elections, a violation of the Tenth Amendment, with their so-called voting rights acts (more like tilt-elections-to-partisans acts), and, generally, using race-baiting to try to achieve their goals. I include Adam Smith in the larger “power grab” group. Now leftists in the Washington Legislature & Inslee are trying to control their opponents’ speech…textbook Orwellian-style fascism.