Fauci Virus Effects

Roegner, the Federal Way Mirror’s political columnist, wrote his latest, typical numbscull article, recently, in which he appears to be pining for the “Fauci Virus” mask mandates to stay permanently in the overall population. He even seemed to be siding with neurotic teachers’ unions (although I have a feeling they’re more lazy than neurotic, which is why they loved the lockouts) who want masks in schools to continue indefinitely. Masks on school children, who, by and large, are a “low risk” population for effects of the virus, are particularly pernicious in that they have debilitating health effects all by themselves, are very uncomfortable when worn for long hours, and stunt concentration and learning. Roegner should retire or be fired; I understand “The Jerry Springer Show” is still airing on TV; just perfect for a rocking chair and his very limited brainwaves.

Note: Dr. Anthony “Strangelove” Fauci helped fund Wuhan laboratory bat virus experiments and, reportedly, handed Chinese scientists the risky, controversial “Gain-of-Function” blueprint (when he was not busy helping torturing beagles).