Farewell, Going to One Website, Soon

Due to the lack of donations to the campaign, which “GoFundMe” didn’t help any by inexplicably dropping my centrist-conservative account on their payment processor site, I’m going to be giving up this particular website and blog around the last days of June (I still have my other website that I’ll be using, solely).

I believe this is going to be the last blog post that I write from here, unless something happens to come up, later today, that is of significance, but I’m going to switch from this blog to the aforementioned primary website blog, starting June 1st, 2022, so this is likely the last post or next-to-last.

People can still donate to my campaign by mailing a check or a money order directly to my Post Office box (the address is listed on the “contact” page of this site). I also write a little on Facebook, and it’s often different material than what’s on these websites/blogs; so you can check that one out every so often, as well, by clicking on their icon at the bottom of the other site. WordPress will be missed a little, there are a lot of options and you can do a few different things on here that you can’t do with other sites, as far as I know, but we have to stick to a tight budget. Meanwhile, the campaign rolls on; “Victory Is Ours.”