Establishment Moves?

Casey Jones vs. Jesse Johnson for Position 2 would have been ideal, the Police Commander vs. the Author of the Anti-Public Safety Legislation, but for whatever reason, Johnson quit (and I don’t believe that convenient “family reasons” explanation for a second, maybe Johnson thinks he’s going to be mayor next year if Ferrell wins his election).

The second best ideal situation would have been Jones running for the now “open seat” (yes, I know, all seats are technically open), but no (that was too much like right), the R.I.N.O. Establishment apparently thought that Jones running against the lady incumbent in Position 1 instead of pairing up “their lady” with her was smart; of course, they’re assuming that Jones will easily get by “the perennial,” so not even considering the divisive Primary that they bizarrely set up, why would they think that running “Goliath” against the lady incumbent in the General Election is smart politics? This has all kinds of negative political implications for our party for how this could play out, but leave it up to the “best and the brightest” for brilliant election strategy (hee hee hee).

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