Ellie is a variation of my mother’s name, who was the ages 10 and 11 in the year 1944, living in the city of Detroit, Michigan, and eventually lived to age seventy-two. Being an essayist/blogger/playwright, I am writing a novel about that year as seen through the eyes of Ellie, written in the context of the “first-person,” and whose character is essentially my mother in 1944, with a lot of the tales in the upcoming “Ellie” actually true in the historical context (as told to me by my mother), but with a novelist’s flair for creativity. In other words, this is not a strict biography, any more than Gore Vidal’s “Lincoln” was one, or Jean Plaidy’s “Victoria Victorious,” or Taylor Caldwell’s “Great Lion of God” about the apostle Paul, but their books were novels based on facts, for the most part, and that’s what “Ellie” will be, although without the grandeur of fame.

1944 was a landmark year in many ways. Detroit was the Arsenal of Democracy during World War II, had just brushed off a riot in the middle of the war the year before, and had established itself as the premier manufacturer of automobiles in the world. A blue-collar city, with old world values, and one of the elite cities of America at the time. Ellie maneuvered herself through the Detroit of history as a young girl of the early, burgeoning 20th Century, gradually moving onward, as the century was not quite midway, yet. Many girls and women of today will probably be able to relate to “Ellie,” in some way, when this book is done. I am trying to imagine what a young Detroit girl of 1944 is going through, and even though she is my mother, that’s not entirely easy for a male, but it’s easier in that I have lived in Detroit for many years, and I know a little bit about the Forties through books.

Note: The book is a work in progress as of today. If you would like to see transcripts when it’s done and copyrighted, send me an email. I’ll probably have to go through a lot of boxes to find a photo of Ellie in the 40s (which I’ll eventually do), but the one photo of her presently on this website is in the “About” section, from 1960, when she was a twenty-seven-year-old woman.