Elect This Politician Because ???

I have to admit that Carey Anderson, one of my Position 2 opponents for state representative, has a snazzy, nice looking home web page, very colorful, but overall, not a lot of pages and not a lot of substance (and that’s putting it nicely), unless you consider listing mere credentials as being substance. Maybe I skimmed too fast, but I couldn’t find a single position on any issue that he stood for, so maybe he thinks that the 30th District should elect him because of his primary occupation/politician, and that’s about it.

I think the people of the 30th District expect more than “glitz sans substance,” and I will live up to the people’s expectations by telling my district what I think about political issues, listening to the political concerns of the district, relaying their concerns accordingly as their representative, and being available. Not to mention owning up to my shortfalls, and when recognized, trying to make a course correction. Little glitz, but at least more than a little substance.