City Likely To Have Put Leftist Flags On 320th St., Replacing American Ones

Unless some clandestine person or group was stealthily putting flags up, that celebrate a particular type(s) of sexual orientation, on public utility poles on 320th Street, where small American flags used to be, then Jim Ferrell’s City of Federal Way government is responsible. This conduct by our city government, if they are responsible, as seems likely, is outlandish. No matter what the affiliation or orientation is; a public municipal display for this subject matter is not appropriate.

Our government has no business propagating leftist sexual mores on the streets or in the classrooms, which some, probably many, public school districts are doing regarding the latter. We need a rearguard action to get traditional-minded school board members or commissioners elected, and to stop this albatross of indoctrinating school kids with leftist culture and revisionist history. The schools need to get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, not preaching politics.

As for Jim Ferrell’s mayoralty/government, I believe the city announced that they were putting up the same type of flag, assumedly much bigger than the ones on 320th, in front of City Hall on June 1st. This is an affront to all the citizens of Federal Way that do not share the cultural mores of the radical left, nor want any flag whatsoever about the subject matter in front of City Hall, nor in any municipal setting. This seems to be a fait accompli for the moment, but we can fire Jim Ferrell in November and get back to staid, traditional American mores for municipal government next year.