Chief Hwang May Remain Police Chief

To be honest, I really haven’t followed the day-to-day intricacies of our Police Department with great detail, but Andy Hwang seems to be a good chief. I know the department has been in a few controversies, but what good-sized department hasn’t? It more-or-less comes with the territory. Like I implied in past posts, I give Federal Way’s Finest the benefit of the doubt unless there’s a good reason not to. That’s not to say that they’re necessarily right in every instance, but you can’t expect perfection from any police department. The job is too tough and demanding in job duties not to have some mistakes. Like any other city department, there should be accountability for serious mistakes, misconduct or breeches of law.

Even I, as pro-police as I am, was not pleased with one or two personal interactions that I had with Federal Way’s Finest. I once reported my bike stolen, and the desk person in charge that day, a policewoman, acted as if a reported stolen bicycle was not important enough for her to take seriously, or be bothered with in any manner. There was one other kind of tacky, trivial incident that I won’t even relate about, in detail, here, but most of my few interactions with our department, one of which I called the police, myself, have been impressive or quite impressive. I think we have a good force, and I attribute a lot of that to the leadership of Chief Hwang.

Chief Hwang may remain Chief if I’m elected (he might also want to accept a lateral change or promotion to City Hall). I’ll have a physically well-conditioned Jo Jo Baars-type fighter or a Jennifer Garner-type (“Alias”) enforcer in charge of City Hall security, who’ll probably also be a member of Federal Way’s Finest. That would be great. By the way, I’m pretty sure that Chief Hwang gets out on patrol every so often…like Batman. Federal Way will have the best of both worlds, at police command and at government central.