Chat With Mark

My campaign now has a Messenger Chat Line on this website. Feel free to contact me (not the committee, per se) live through the Messenger icon at the bottom of the website at the following time, Monday through Friday, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Pacific time). Please stay on topic about politics and/or the campaign. I should be around those times most times, but I’m sure there will be exceptions from time to time. The setting is on “have to be logged into Messenger” to get on. All wording will have a transcript, I believe. This is a brand new set-up, so this is probably going to be trial and error, i.e., growing pains.

Note about blogging: I’m going to try to get back to almost daily blogging, again, starting on the 1st of April. This blog is also seen on my State Representative campaign website, as it is still up in the air whether I’ll be going for a spot in Congress or the Washington Legislature, but it’s leaning towards the latter.