Candace Owens’ Remarks

We like Candace Owens and agree with her most of the time, but don't agree with her statement, on the Tucker Carlson show, yesterday, that suggested that Juneteenth is a part of critical race theory (CRT)...though, like her, we don't like CRT, either (see post-script, below).  Juneteenth's been around for a long time, probably close to the 1865 origin. The CRT radicals might be trying to co-opt it, but that doesn't take away from Juneteenth, itself. 

We think Juneteenth has been, basically, an unofficial Texas holiday in the past, that even black people didn't pay a lot of attention to, especially outside of Texas, until recently, and this probably goes to what Miss Owens was talking about, i.e., the radicals sudden interest in it.  We're kind of indifferent as to whether Congress should have made it a federal holiday or not (see the next paragraph for how it should have been done, if at all); however, it's a fait accompli.  You could probably go through the entire 365-or-366 day calendar and find something to have a holiday for, but somebody has to work, and now other people are going to want their holidays, too.

We should put all these non-major holidays on the weekend closest to their real anniversary, so there are not too many days off from work (especially from the federal government) if Congress decides to add more of these.  That way, it won't be a major burden for taxpayers, among other things. 

Post-script: We would have used a stronger admonition besides "don't like CRT," but preferred not to guess how strongly Candace Owens feels about that topic.  We detest CRT, it's racism, call it reverse racism, if you will...and wouldn't be surprised if Miss Owens feels the same way.

Note: A joint communicative post (essay) between Mark & one of the several "Friends."